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  1. Here comes trouble.

    1. Ragnaroks 7
    2. DRKZ.


      Don't you <3 me. The scoreboard is still ****ed. I'm irrationally mad at that.

    3. .Steve


      intentional pitch perfect reference?

  2. Damn, that sucks. Well, if you wanna get into it again, one of my friends gave me SGA over at EG. If you want, apply and I can help you out with bettering your graphics. Same procedure as everywhere else. Start off as TGA, work your way up. :)

  3. Ahh, FS is a nice division. You still doing GFX?

  4. Ahaa, damn. I think I'm about to leave AGAIN because college is keeping me away from home a lot. :/ If you need a good squad and division, go to Rangers. Leaders are great. :)

  5. Ahh Legit! What's good, bro?

  6. Whorebag Wifey, come back to me.

  7. DRKZ.

    Gracias buddy! <3

  8. Elegance makes my face go SQUEEEEEE.

  9. Her momma said to go to rehab and she said no, no, no. Well, look what happens.

  10. Watching the sun rise into the sky, listening to Chris Botti's AMAZING trumpet. The room is perfect. All I need is her. ♥

  11. DRKZ.

    Gracias. I call her Cyndi.

  12. BabyCakez? And BabyDorkz. Let's get this straight. I'ma be the OG "Baby" between us too. :)

    Welcome to KSI.

  13. WeAreAOT.TK. Always On Top Gaming. <3

  14. Me and Mrs. Jones. We got a thing going on.

  15. KSI BabyDorkz7 or KSI Kinky 7. KSI BabyDorkz 7 is used...because I deserted that tag. .<

  16. Glad to be part of Sempe...[Content Removed. Anon.]

  17. @OhhManneh . You should definitely follow. <3

  18. Well...looks like I'm back. ;) dirtyyCulture. <3

  19. 菜花 Look it up on Google Images. I swear, it's the biggest trip you will go through.