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  1. lol im still forum unbanned. haha not much of a ban, is it?

    1. Jaygo


      shows how much they didn't care?

  2. haha i can tell KSI loves me......NOT!

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    2. KSI Avenged7x

      KSI Avenged7x

      speak of the devil

    3. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      I speak only the truth. At Least, I am able to change my behavior and the way I think.

    4. KSI x HiTmAn

      KSI x HiTmAn

      :o dont get status update banned too :P
  3. R.I.P. Ryan Dunn. June 11, 1977 – June 20, 2011

    1. KSI Sungazer 7
    2. Game 7

      Game 7

      I live right next to where he crashed.


  4. FOR THE RECORD: I'm not back in KSI. I've went solo. I'm only here for FnF Tournaments.

  5. Hey bro how's it going?! I've just been at school and stuff. I get on every now and then on Live. How's KSI?

  6. KSI Avenged7x

    my only album

    the only album i'll have
  7. Dizzy! Its ur buddy F3NiX. Where are ya, broski?

  8. Welcome to KSI Global, Dark. I'll get you placed into my squad once you have an Xbox 360 & Modern Warfare 2.

    -With Love,

    FayFay The Rawrasarus!

  9. I'm doin good, man. Got my own squad in XD now!

  10. yo Dizzy. Haven't heard from ya in a while. How ya been?