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  1. Waiting to come back to KSI :P

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    2. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      MEA not work out for you?

    3. Wes


      @Prophet Please refrain from discussion of such topics here. Thanks!

    4. KSIitzAndrew


      *Facepalm* Here we go


  2. My interview with the NGL Ceo was posted to KSI global. Go check it out!!!!http://www.ksiglobal.com/news.php?extend.2318

  3. Waiting for my NGL overview/interview to be posted......

  4. Check out http://www.thenationalgamingleague.com/ from 830:-12 est tomorrow, You just might see my gameplay on there

  5. Hey man, hit me up. I want you to join my division, DH

  6. Working on my KSI t-shirt that im going to wear to the tourney this weekend. Also meeting DH members at the event (Never met them before) Working with jess to get some interview questions for when I interview the NGL staff. Any suggestions for questions? Pm them to me.

  7. Wondering Why i still dont have division forum mod!

  8. A kid at my school commited suicide yesterday. The heartbreak on campus was major. If you ever consider commiting Sucicide visit http://www.twloha.com/find-help/ . Or ask someone,

  9. Still waiting to get my div access back. lol

    1. Wes


      Just ask me to pin stuff/closed/etc. You always talk about needing to move things forward yet you haven't come to me once with a request as the sole moderator on that section.

  10. Me and my girlfriend are spending our 10 month aniversery tommrow with the xbox. My kind of aniversery! xD

    1. KSI CottonCandy

      KSI CottonCandy

      have fun chocolate chip!

    2. KSI ADIDAS 7

      KSI ADIDAS 7

      My girl is down wtih Coop games like Legos, Crash, UP, and there are some on Arcade. Lara croft GoL is sick. Spare parts looks gd but havent tried it. Happy anniversary.

  11. Apparantly my mod was taken away for trying to run my division forum how it should be.

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    2. Wes


      I had nothing to do with this just saying...

    3. Ragnaroks 7

      Ragnaroks 7

      It was taken because you think you know better than forum staff.

    4. KSIitzAndrew