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  1. Time sure does fly.

  2. I feel old. I knew I Dream of Jeanie was on the tv just from the music playing. Man, am I old. Lol.

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    2. Saint Hallowed
    3. sweets


      lol its all good the best things in life are perfected with age

    4. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      not all the time.


  3. Bacchus

    KSI Born Legend.jpg

  4. I need to get a hair cut! My hair's getting too long. Lol.

  5. How the hell do you show the battery life % on this phone?!

  6. I'm all alone in my house tonight and tomorrow night. Yaaaaaay! Not. :( Spmeone come keep me company!

  7. You know one thing I hate about being a Senior? I don't get to play with my guys as much as I want to any more. And it sucks.

  8. Got me a new iPhone. Well, not the 4. A 3G. But hey, it's still new to me. lol ....

  9. Got me a new iPhone. Well, not the 4. A 3G. But hey, it's still new to me. lol ....

  10. I am so freaking tired of all the bull crap that is going on right now. I am getting sick and tired of it all. I don't really feel like blowing up people, so please ... get your crap together. Or I will get it together for you. Do you understand me?

  11. It's so funny about that stuff you see when you sit back and watch. Instead of opening your mouth and becoming a part of it. lol

  12. Beer, the band Disturbed, and Team Swat. I'm ready for a night to be by myself. Heh.

    1. Saint Hallowed

      Saint Hallowed

      Yep sounds like the good life bud.

  13. I can check the forums on my phone now. I lovethis phone. lol

    1. KSI QueenJess 7

      KSI QueenJess 7

      LOL Movin' on up!! lol

    2. KSI Monotooi

      KSI Monotooi

      well if you love it so much why dont you marry it. :)

  14. hey, new member of forsaken, i could use some help on how you rank up and things like that