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  1. Leaving KSI. i got stuff to prioritize

  2. my computer needs to be formatted again. it shouldn't take over 10 hours to render a one hour video in HD

  3. starting to get good at improvising to backing tracks with my guitar

  4. dude i heard that you were trying to join United. WTF dude.

  5. you all should subscribe to my youtube. TheOnlyKyrenSkrumeda

  6. starting to get pissed off at the people on my facebook. seriously people group up

  7. finding it kinda hard to balance between WoW and KSI. probably gonna be more active when my WoW runs out in may

  8. god i am never running Molten Core in WoW again. took me and 6 other people in my guild 2.5 hours

  9. i wish i wasn't broke :(

  10. duuuuuuuuude come back i miss the old squad

  11. yay job interview today

  12. if i did some Let's Plays for some games would anyone watch them?

  13. gotta piss like a racehorse but both bathrooms are being used -.-'