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  1. <_<......**BLOCKED**AWR!!!!
  2. lol alrighty. ill be sure to add ya, and thats good. and I still have all the sigs that i got in RD & TXI.

  3. Ahhh, I remember you. I made a sig for you lol. And yes, I did get married about a month ago. Add me on MSN if you want to talk more. It's listed on my profile.

  4. heya there Robyn, long time no talk. It is i TXI Raven Death. or what other tag u remember me from. So did you get married yet. Sorry if I am way behind, I up & left everything from TXI & RD. Got tired of drama. But anywho hope you have been doing well. missed ya.

  5. Heya there tex. its me Section. Ill be rejoining KSI now.

  6. Thanks man, Both my mother's parents passed away, hence it was kinda really bad situation. But I might actually come back next week. Thats when I get a new Xbox. my mum got me a new with. a Bundle with 1600 MS points, a 3 month card, a new game, the console & all. So ill be set up and ready for duty when I return.

    Serve with Honor, Respect, Trust, and far more things that I f...

  7. Its cool man. Personal life is more important for your wel being man

  8. Hey luci... I am sorry I disappeared. Some personal family things came up. I was unable to bare the pain. Hence I up & left. I will be back sometime mid feb.

  9. Some personal things came up. SO I will need to attend to them before I can do anything with KSI.

  10. Hey man I heard your back send me a friend request, u joinin us or prequels

  11. Hey man, I know you guys miss me. But I jsut need to be alone for a long time. I am sorry to say this,

  12. look at the nomination section., u might like