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  1. He should not be banned :(

  2. how come he was banned... probly cuz i recruited him...**BLOCKED**war

  3. fire og got me stucked to the floor xD

  4. Bout to go bombing butt naked xDDDD

  5. Cuz even real homies don't know what I'm about!

  6. Love ya Dalton xD

  7. I miss Obey too, wish there was a legit reason to ban him

  8. My new job gave me a new phone :D got two phones now #swag

  9. Getting harrassed by these.****ing rent-a-cops at the ****ing mall.

    1. Hai Andrew

      Hai Andrew

      Thats what you get for being not White :/

  10. Bad day I guess.

  11. Holy ****.... I think I went on a date today rofl.

  12. I'm allergic to bunnies.

  13. "But when I make a silly-butt ****ing song about sockin' some girl in her uterus, it's such a big ****in' deal"