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  1. making more rap, chillin, and **** like that

  2. so now my dad wants to be late picking me up from school... both of my parents are just MEAN!

    1. KSI Monotooi

      KSI Monotooi

      my dad thinks the moon... is a purble monkey hanging himself

    2. KSI VenimousGrl
  3. stuck at school cause my mom seems to think that her friend is more important. SMH!

  4. i hate being stuck in school and hungry!

  5. so its official i love KSI Pegasus and how he made my sig request its beautiful, and i love it thanks again

  6. Spider Energy & Venom Energy my 2 favorite Energy Drinks go try them :) yummm

  7. thanks for sticken up for me about my sig request pic being taken

  8. i look up to the sky, no more need to get high, i tell the lord thank you, now its your turn you need too.

  9. alright so i stapled my thumb; its a through and though staple =| and it hurts like a *****!!!

    1. Gaia


      That's a smart move.

  10. so im on a mission to get my cpu out of my room without waking my mom up this is going to be hard -_- ughhh

  11. He's finally proud of me ive known him all my life and now he's finally proud of me :)

  12. checking my twitter even though i dont have alot of followers lmao

  13. Mango Venom Energy yummm go to a store near by and pick up one and try it!