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  1. Yes but being pink is so sexy :P

  2. sorry Mono i lost the key :P

  3. if i had to go into mono's basement i think i might die....

  4. why cant i be the brother??????

  5. :) 1st LT
    1. KSI Monotooi

      KSI Monotooi

      Actuallty your a captain stupid

    2. MercilessSmitty


      actually i posted that when i was first promoted to lt :P


    3. MercilessSmitty


      and stupid.... that hurts :(

  6. ugh well gotta come up with another infection map tomorrow.

  7. well i would say something funny and weird but i cant think of anything to say atm.

  8. Hey skills what are the HH meeting times? i forgot

  9. Ty mono and gratz on getting into HH