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  1. illusion-1.png?t=1306185501

    thats the signature picture i made you lol

  2. Been away from home for a few days, although the beach is fun I truly have to admit that I miss Shadow Haven more than even I imagined. Guys I can't wait to come home and game with everyone again.

    1. KSI ADIDAS 7

      KSI ADIDAS 7

      awwwwww sweets is so uhh sweet ;):P

    2. sweets


      lmao thanks Adidas but thats kinda ironic considering to much sweetness will kill me lol due to the diabetes =0

  3. hey lol i cant figure out the shoutbox thing lol can you help me?

  4. Happy Birthday Bingo, Hope it was a good one =)

  5. Just got done listening to "turtleneck and chain" by The Lonely Island, and man all i can say is i Love it <3.

    1. KSI x HiTmAn

      KSI x HiTmAn

      if you ever want another sig pic just tell me :)

  6. yo bingo, whats up man?

  7. The future consist of Cookies and Flowers. Oh Yea let the good times come :P

  8. Seems like those closest to you are the only ones who will truly hurt you, keeping it in mind.

  9. Hey 1shot just read the comment you left the other week on my page, thanks man i couldn't of gotten to where i am now without you guys, and you in paticular have helped a hell of lot. Keep up the good work guy =)

  10. whats up sweet man i think your doing a GOOD JOB man... keep it up

  11. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY LUCI!!!! = ) <3

    Hope its a good one man lol

    even if you do want to kill me lol

  12. We evolve beyond the person we were a minute before! Little by little we advance a bit further with each turn!