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  1. Oh wow the cable would be out...If they do not have it on by 1pm and i miss Days of our Lives im going crazy.and when i calm down im switching to a better service..so angry..

    1. Wes


      Days of our Lives? Really?

  2. www.GamerOutbreak.com

  3. Quit stalking my page dreamz

  4. He should not be banned :(

  5. Wow i remember this forum account i forgoy my info lol

  6. quit stalking my page fame, lol

  7. You say Justin Bieber-I say Tupac You say Lil Wayne-I say Biggie Smalls You say Drake-I say Ice Cube You say Soulja Boy-I say The Game You say New school-i say old school You say Pop-I scream Hip Hop!

  8. Watching Jersey Shore!

  9. You and your bedtime stories. I think you have an addiction to this.