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  1. KSI NonProphet

    Chillin in the ocean

    nah the ocean was empty that day
  2. KSI NonProphet

    Me and my things

    Pictures of me and some pictures i found amusing
  3. It just does mom. I can't explain why it feels so good to be a gangster.

  4. KSI NonProphet


    it seems i have already won
  5. Dorkz for red! Happy birthday Rags1

    1. DRKZ.


      DORKZ for RED! <3

  6. KSI NonProphet


  7. Remember when: my gamertag was Im NonProphet and i was an iddy biddy private under lucky and spaz?

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    2. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      joined in january. I'm not saying i joined before you but from the looks of it, you took a break around the time i joined.

    3. R0ckstarMade


      yer 4 like 3 yrs my division broke off from global so i stayed with them 4 like a yr.the division i was in kgb & kgb is now ksi united

    4. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      which is why you wouldnt remember

  8. I can't believe I have to go to work on my birthday; I can't believe I have to do laundry on my birthday; I can't believe I have to pay for sex on my birthday

  9. "Next stop: OLYMPUS" -Hercules

  10. Me and this girl like each other. Thing is she's a over a foot shorter than me (and i'm not tall) XD not a deal breaker. I just think its funny lol

  11. 4 recruits in one night? I've read the rules too many damn times x.x

    1. KSI QueenJess 7

      KSI QueenJess 7

      1 more and you will be on a 5 recruit streak, you can call in a sentry gun!

    2. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      Only if i run hardline (which i do). And after i posted that, another guy came into our party. lol It wasnt me recruiting them though. I got the assists ;) I was there for training purposes

  12. Lost on Netflix? Hellz yess

  13. i dont usually make zombie maps, but when i do, they're ****ing awesome

  14. KSI NonProphet


    suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it is