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  1. making more rap, chillin, and **** like that

  2. babiii(: nothinq much just chillinq u?

  3. sorry i replied mad late hehe but i left because i went to REG to help out my friend with their mw2 squad

  4. Hey HuniiBunii <3

    I see you signed up on here Aha.

  5. each day is another step closer to goals in life i wish to fufill(: im so grateful to have you bye my side. i love you

  6. Hey do you think I can come to your squad?

  7. ihts barbieee

    blah blah blah

  8. ohhhmg heyy whats upp(: havent talked to you in a while

  9. Lol you come on here right when I leave! Ill be on chatter if you ever need me.