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  1. What's on your mind? OMFG cake

  2. nice new legacy pics man good work

  3. Just made the elite Team HeadHunters Team pretty pumped for the upcomeing challenges

  4. looking for someone to make me a sig?

    1. Wes


      make a formal request in the KSI Designs section under the Graphics and Media header. Read the pinned topic about the proper form the fill out. Just make sure you have 35 posts before you request. Hope this helps!

  5. i need some nazi zombie lovers who play comment this if ur down

  6. KSI members will u be my Valentine~

  7. What's on your mind? worst snow storm in history lost internet for a few weeks hopefully im back now tho

  8. Working my way up the ranks Team Head Hunter for life o(._.)^

  9. What's on your mind? cake...