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  1. wow im totally happy that people can have their own squad and a general position after being in a KSI squad for only 5 days!! awesome! another ten and he'll be a Senior Director!

  2. she told me to PM her a work sample

  3. Can't seem to find your News Team Application, sir.

  4. good job! lol. your a Major now? nice.

  5. yes! im now the general of a squad that is for any age. Every freekin day this clan gets better :D

  6. Check out my new sig. the pic thats on top. i made that and i love it

  7. you should change your "about me section" lmfao straight BS. lol

  8. Helium updated to 58 members

  9. Frostbit: 3 recruits away from 95! we're doing great... we need the squad tag though..

  10. So many recruits today!! 11! FROSTBIT IS GOING PLACES!

  11. first HH team practice for me today. awessoomee

  12. little dissapointed.. but hey i still suceeded!