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  1. buh byes KSI

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    2. KSI Luci Lux 7

      KSI Luci Lux 7

      ...another Reason people should listen to advice

    3. KSI Eureka
    4. KSI CottonCandy

      KSI CottonCandy

      because of people like the ones above

  2. You need to tell me what you want =] send me a pm silly

  3. I can't send you a message because your thinggy is full? idk it won't let me send a pm though

  4. happy to be back =]

    1. Rockstar


      too bad your not banned...... like me

    2. KSI CottonCandy
    3. KSI takeout7josh

      KSI takeout7josh

      hey wats up i cant send u msg for some reason


  5. going to take a nap in the nurses office =]

  6. Tired of all this BS I am done, if you want are going to be rude to me well then that is fine, don't talk to me. I am so fed up with a lot of people. I want this day to be over NOW!

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    2. Holland Novak

      Holland Novak

      "don't need your unnecessary comments Eureka"

    3. KSI Eureka

      KSI Eureka

      Take your own advice. :P

    4. Holland Novak

      Holland Novak

      Noted will do lol

  7. not really going to be myself for a long time..........

  8. so stressed out, fml =[

    1. CallMePolarBear


      If you want someone to talk to, I'll be a listener =)

  9. Things always get better no matter how bad things might be at a point in your life =]

  10. no problem! personally I don't think that should be considered spam, because I am just welcoming someone into KSI but you know what can I do about that?

  11. yeah well when people say crying makes things better well they lied!

  12. this decision is so hard to make, but i need to do what is right for me......

  13. this night just needs to be over

  14. Alright well since this night can't get any worse looks like it is time to go to sleep

    1. ksi gladiator x
    2. KSI CottonCandy

      KSI CottonCandy

      lol thanks for what? but no problem?

  15. Gladiator welcome to KSI, I am really happy to have you in my division and squad! If you ever need anything please let me know!

  16. so from this day out LC is now the best division because we like to =] because we are the happiest division around, and because we are a family! and family doesn't let anyone fall behind =]

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    2. Holland Novak
    3. KSI CottonCandy
    4. KSI CottonCandy

      KSI CottonCandy

      i sent you a friend request i will talk to you once you accept it

  17. so this is possibly the worse night ever......

    1. Holland Novak

      Holland Novak

      I hope today will be one of your best days ever :)

    2. KSI CottonCandy

      KSI CottonCandy

      so far it has been and you know why =]