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  1. vizions why cant i PM you :P

  2. wow just went to Fr and my general left ksi for MEA this is a great week! :)

  3. just got my own minecraft server goodbye life xD

  4. i like how nasa found proof of alien life and nobody cares wtf?

    1. Wes


      ALIENS OMGHAXBBQ...happy now?

  5. hi monster welcome to the forums meet new people and post make sure to be active every day :)

  6. Semper-Fi 40 members! hoping to get another squad going 200 members by the end of the month :)

  7. good job! lol. your a Major now? nice.

  8. you should change your "about me section" lmfao straight BS. lol

  9. day 3 of 4 day weekend still nothing to do... was gonna get on x-box buuut my brothers were to lazy to get off hopefully be on by tonight or tommarow! :)

  10. just got done jailbreaking my iphone! got the halo reach theme. every time i plug in my charger my energy shield charges up. and every time i get a text a sticky grenade blows me u or a banshee splatters me. Halo reach is coming to life!

  11. Gravity 10 recruits woot!

  12. OMG today was the best day every not only did i recruit 3 people into new squad in SF but ever since i transfered from XD ksi has been 20% more fun i'm glad i switched. i think Valentines Day makes me happier than usual :)

  13. PACKERS WON FTW!!!!!!!!!