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    Old Folks Attention!

    Halo 2 brought a different aspect to the table, the game was redefining the direction Xbox Live was going in. We made KSI work around it... things have changed through out the decades(that made me feel old) with communication tools.. we constantly adapted with them. The thing about the golden days is you're still in them now..... just with different prospective on what actual success is. As we used to say the next private could be the next CEO, that still applies now to whoever joined KSI yesterday. Whether it's a division leader, SGT, CEO, whatever.. YOU GUYS are the ones who impact/set the expectations as to what the next generation of members will consider to be the golden days of KSI. - As the oldies that you guys still seeing kickin around now will lecture different standards to what they considered successful based on what generation they came up under.. All that matters is ya'll never stop moving forward with trying to be beyond what you achieved yesterday.. so we can never stop having excuses for why we can't develop a better tomorrow.
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  5. @Bungie thank you for Halo 3 on this day 10 years ago, always redefining the direction the gaming industry goes in.

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