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  1. Long time no talk here...How has everything been for you ?

  2. www.marathongamers.org Check it out. <3

  3. It is it is well yeah you can always add me on xbl my gt is KSI David 7

  4. ┣▇f͟͞a͟͞c͟͞e͟͞b͟͞o͟͞o͟͞k͟͞▇▇═─™ This drug is very efficient for cases of chronic boredom. Extra doses can lead to addiction.

  5. Rawr, welcome to KSI Global I hope you enjoy your warmful stay. <_<

  6. KSIxDRoACULAxLE is my Valentine. <3

    1. Holland Novak

      Holland Novak

      Why didn't you get her roses then hmm ^_^

  7. Tiesto,Deadmau5,Kaskade<3

  8. Chillin like a thieved out villain lol... I'm good I just got done writing another poem (:

  9. Hmm I was bored so I thought I would confuse your mind lol. Anyways Bonjour Madam xD

  10. Guy: Want to hear a joke about my ****? Never mind, its too long. Girl: Want to hear a joke about my vagina? Never mind, you won't get it.