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  1. Finished job hunting for now... tired and bored now.

  2. Strange when someone you met(and did stuff with..) at a party asks who you are. Pretty funny when she remembered though. Round 2?

  3. I also saw like 50 people I know at Wal Mart... Weird.

  4. So, I just learned I have 2 brothers that i've never met. Travis, 17.. And Brandon; age 20.

  5. Alright, I've got three goals for this summer.1. Warped Tour 2. Not get arrested 3. Pending.

  6. Should I cut my hair to spiking length again or let it grow out?

    1. KSI Eureka

      KSI Eureka

      Grow out. Girls dig long hair. haha

  7. I know Karate! .....and like 2 other Japanese words.. :/

  8. Dang... cops in Coldwater HATE me.. Walking to the gas station and get stopped by the cops because i "looked suspicious..". Coldwater: Please tell your cops to get a life and stop harassing future career criminals ... I'm not there yet.

  9. mmm. Back to school tomorrow..... Finally quit the Party Life... time to sleep.

  10. Kelsey Sage Bystry is in denial again...

  11. Finally, moving out of Coldwater in a month.

  12. So I got in the shower..get out 15min later and I have 32 unread messages...FML.

  13. God, why do I miss her so much!? .... :(

  14. I've never had SEX, SMOKE WEED, been DRUNK, SNUCK OUT, or SKIPPED A CLASS. whoever likes it thinks you're lying.