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    GAMING!!, Computers, Graphics (Signatures), Technology, Women.

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    Halo: Reach
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  1. Wheres all the Halo: Reach Players? I Need a team....

    1. Rockstar


      look for Reach squads in your div. If not ask some higher ups about CONTACTING other divs for there reach squads. Some leaders might think you want a transfer.

    2. Holland Novak

      Holland Novak

      i'll play with you


  2. hey. id love to see you in Encore

  3. Yea, he contacted me about it, but when i replied back yesterday he never responded and he was on late. tried to send him a friends request on XBL but his list is full ofc.

  4. Also, i dont know if there are board permissions preventing me or something, but i cant chat in the shoutbox.

  5. Whats up bro, yes i am definitely interested in joining Encore, just let me know what steps have to be taken and i will do my part :D

  6. Hey Eureka Mentioned you. man if you intrested I run a reach squad, its called Encore. an im Luciferlux, hit me up an invite if you want to investigate joining up man

  7. The only response i have gotten is what you see in the thread that i started.

    My Gamertag is o Metaphor o


  8. what is your gamertag?

  9. Welcome to KSI, I saw your Post on joining a Halo reach branch, Has anyone gotten to you about that?

  10. KSI Looks like a well established community!

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    2. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      that, my friend, is most certainly, what she has said.

    3. KSI NonProphet

      KSI NonProphet

      that, my friend, is most certainly, what she has said.

    4. o Ace o