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  1. who all plays magic and will be in the garland area dec 12th?

  2. Who in my area plays airsoft?

  3. ksi lucky poi

    all dramatic and stuff x.x

  4. ksi lucky poi


    i've already won her
  5. no problem. feel free to join our facebook group, ksi lost empire le

  6. go look at my face book. there's any number of pedal flowers on it. if not check out myspace.com/luckypoi


    Do and photograph an 8 point anti-spin flower :D

  8. i don't know if all boy scouts are gay but they can prolly tie the knot in 50 different ways

  9. I'm so confused as to if this is actually grummet.. because his name is grummet not grumment.. annnnd gamertaglink on here shows KSI C Grumment as well o.O...

  10. welcome money. we are taking care of le. we will come out stronger in the end