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  1. I need you to send out a mass msg on defcon squad tagg stressing the forums with thr website address and have them send me a msg if help is needed getting set up on the forums. Thanks Venom

  2. Hey my internet went off so i am going to be on KSI global okay man sorry

  3. So Do We Have Any Clan Meetings Today Or Is It Some Other Day

  4. yeah ive already nominated you

  5. Hey I Used To Be Part Of HeadHunters So Do I Get Award For That Or No

  6. U are the owner for now Hahaha

  7. i am gonna give u a positive rep

  8. i am gonna give u a positive rep

  9. i use lunapic.com. its just for easy sigs and stuff would i be allowed to be on the designer team?

  10. luci i need u to accept a post in so rolecall section by monkey plz thx

  11. i saw ur sigs and if ur interested in making ur own halo armor i could give u a major website(: trust me i got a couple pieces(:

  12. Check out the FTLA section on the forums and see when the next class is so you can get signed up

  13. Because ur so freakin awesome