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    KSI baby! Going MLG. Becoming a director at machinima.
  1. tired but must keep talking to fellow KSI members....

    1. KSI ADIDAS 7

      KSI ADIDAS 7

      Haha i feel your pain. was up til 5am last nite on blak ops. work at 8am. was dragin but coo now. 11:45am

  2. Thanks to whoever it was for my profile picture it was not intended for me but i found it and whoever made it please step forward so i can give you credit :)

  3. Why do some KSI members have to bring fellow members down? Arnt we supposed to be respectful?

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    2. KSI SequeLs

      KSI SequeLs

      because there are clashes of personality and the such yuh know. there well always be cases like this and always well i can atest this

    3. KSI Luci Lux 7

      KSI Luci Lux 7

      cos thres idiots and normal people

    4. KSI ShodowKillz1
  4. If anyone is looking at this this is my regular forums acc. forgot the password. if your looking for me this is my profile.

  5. Welcome to KSI hope your liking it :)

  6. lol by other GT was bunnikilla...

  7. Just got promoted to 3LT! preatyy excided to be a officer! thanks luci!

    1. KSI Monotooi

      KSI Monotooi

      i remember when i became a Lt. bout 3 months ago...

    2. KSI ShodowKillz1

      KSI ShodowKillz1

      lol gotta get active mono man...

    3. KSI Monotooi
  8. awhh im sorry. I had two bunnies... both died :(

  9. pssssttt... whats your bunni name?!!?

  10. I love and respect girl gamers. I would kill to have a girlfriend by me playing halo reach lmao.

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    2. KSI ShodowKillz1

      KSI ShodowKillz1

      lol... mono keep trying SOMEONE will eventually stay


    3. KSI Crysin 7

      KSI Crysin 7

      OMG Im creepin look at that! You will :D Gamer girls are everywhere trust me!

    4. KSI ShodowKillz1

      KSI ShodowKillz1

      Girl gamer=Best...girls....evar!


  11. I updated my profile status for you lol