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  1. you should try out for graphics artist

  2. KSI Dragonborn

    Demonic Mayhem.jpg

    So do you guys like it? I think Insanity does but he's Insane so another opinion would be helpful
  3. KSI Dragonborn

    Encore LS

  4. i thought the split wasn't till tonight!!

    All hell broke loose yesterday, i mean a new division without any notice! and a squad split at the same time!! As far as I know I'm still in Encore but I think Encore is in a new division called DM. Where are you man!?

  5. Yo dude what squad did you go to during the split!?!

  6. Holy crap Dragon Born!! I never told you thanks for the signature!!! Thanks dude!!

  7. KSI Dragonborn

    KSI Double J.jpg

    your welcome
  8. Thanks JJ I'm glad you like my art :D

  9. thanks man, photoshops a talent of mine :)

    If you or anyone needs a sig or picture you can ask me and ill give it a shot

  10. Holy crap nice edits you made! I like the second one where it simply says Encore!