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  1. hahaha Ske7ch how you been man? Its apollo

  2. Heya, Manny! Hit me up if you ever get on Live again. KSI Eve 7

  3. hey hey hey it's ske7ch!

    i havent seen you in forever.

  4. douche bag never gets on anymore :)

  5. hey, its GI Did Boricua RU get hit or somthing? cuz i signed in and i wasnt in the clan and same with my other friends who where in the clan with me

  6. Yo I would like to do a 2v2 against you and Budhha, This way Me and Medicare can tell yall what to work on and give yall a couple tips on working as a team.

  7. Why is it that DR doesnt have a team with so many good people in it?

  8. Yo get on MSN real quick and hit me up U have got to hear this LOL

  9. To LOL get on MSN I HAVE to tell U a funny a$$ story lol

  10. Can u see if ANTI EMO is on Halo 2 right now?

    If so, tell him to get on MSN ASAP, VERY IMP

  11. Read the topic called "Messege to Generals of SO'', and also the one bout the Major rank

  12. Get on MSN I gotta talk 2 U

  13. Yo get on MSN we need to talk.

  14. Aight good, But I still recommend posting an Intro of your self in our FOrums just so people get to know u better.

  15. hey man thanks for the offer but KSI Devildogg hooked me up real good so ill be in KSI for a good while longer