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  1. Study says i'm showing signs of benevolent sexism. :/

  2. I made the kessel run in TWO parsecs....on foot

  3. X1 tag is kanan jarrus :) add me if you want to game

  4. "The murder of Boris Nemtsov reminds us that tyrants always fear the power of a brave man who labors for freedom" -Mitt Romney

  5. I have been promoted to General of Aztec, I will work hard to make sure Aztec become the best squad in Lost Empire.

  6. I would like to thank everyone for helping me receive the Donor award. :)

  7. Give me some comments please!

  8. A lot is on my mind, I am constantly thinking of ways I can better myself and my division.

  9. Talked briefly with someone Amazing, trying to come up with ideas to help better Lost Empire...maybe we need a new DeathStar...?

  10. I am proud of the way Atlantis is developing, we have great leadership in Dean, and Nonprofit XD. I look forward to maxing my potential and take my abilities to their limits.