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  1. Getting the Xbox One tomorrow will only have Halo MCC. No I will not add you if I have no idea who the **** you are

  2. Go like the vid I promise that I'll stop hating you

  3. yay destiny finally has voice chat for pvp and strikes

  4. NHL regular season has finally started. Go Preds!

  5. since it's going to be a long ****ing time for me to get a new xbox hit me up on the PS3: Figjam_COBHC

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    2. R0ckstarMade


      Nah I'm not coming back to KSI for awhile, just here to chat

    3. Game 7

      Game 7

      Do you want to build a snowman?

    4. R0ckstarMade


      I told you only if you go in your closet

  6. Unforgiven for the win

  7. rest in peace to my xbox

  8. man of steel midnight showing then a 2 hour walk back home

  9. going to a lamb of god concert tonight the last time i saw them was last year on halloween

  10. if u own a PS3 download Dust 514 it's completely free,i've been playing it since it was in beta and it's a fun game

  11. r.i.p jeff hanneman so happy that i got to see him play with Slayer a few times

  12. get to spend time in finland next month and in december