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  1. Well today I have done a lot for me feeling much better off then I have used too

  2. "@DrakeNYC: If you want to be with someone, don't hold back, you only get one shot at life, and you deserve to be happy." I agree

  3. Well totally looking back on life the stuff I could of done should of done not yet done yea buddy

  4. Can't wait man just can't!!

  5. I know I am now going to take a lot of time and patience. Work on me going to be getting two jobs and focus on what really matters!

  6. So all my ducks are in a row going to find another job

  7. Just sick of games woman play :(



      Thats why you make them play yours!

  8. Yo mother nature need too make up its Damn mind and stop snowing in summer wtf

  9. let the light guide your way! been a long day thinking about a lot change is for the better though even though sometimes we don't want it.

  10. Day off tomorrow buying a 12 pack and playing a game on playstation 4 yea bro then going too a buddy house that night for another fire!! Yeah buddy

  11. Yeah, truth hurts but those lies kill...Live the life you want too live!!

  12. Watching TV with my girl and her son... help her clean house and take care of Nicholas since he's sick....

  13. Today's great learning what life means

  14. Just a lot too think about atm

  15. So lunch date went well and her mom said I am in the dog house on the nexted planet so then I came back with looks like I be a little bored for a while and gonna grow intenes from my head gonna turn orange and shorter and my hands are gonna be longer. Then I said hey Babi I gonna prob you ;)

  16. Omg seems like everyone in Fulton area are a bunch of drug addicts

  17. Hey I know it was a warm day today but one thing I enjoyed it a lot

  18. Well today rocks before work :)

  19. Well nicky passed out, nessa and me having a movie night talking helping her clean it's good too smile laugh and more :)

  20. Well best sleep ever little hangover