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  1. Toxic 7

    The Review - Bright

    Hello! Welcome back! All that jazz. Last month I said we’d be starting an installment of reviews on entertainment items and for those that read it, this is the second installment. The topic this time? Bright. The movie is a Netflix original that came out last month starring Will Smith. So! Did you enjoy Suicide Squad? My first impression of the movie was that it gives off an eerily similar feel. No doubt that’s because it shares some of the same directors. It has an almost... cartoonish feel with the CGI and animation that went into the production process. On that note, the make up and special effects in the movie are as well done as any that I’ve seen recently. To avoid spoilers I won’t mention any details regarding the storyline, however, I will say that it’s a little far fetched. The backstory is almost a representation of the political events happening now. Although I’ve gotten mixed reviews from others who have watched it, personally I’m a fan. Will Smith is a great actor and by no means did he disappoint in this one. His character was salty and pretty bada** at the same time. It’s very easy to follow the chain of events that take place currently, though I do think the movie would have been far more enjoyable as a series. There was plenty of action going on, car chases, gunfights, magic, and a lot of epic stuff. My only real gripe is that so much goes unexplained, the backstory isn’t laid out that well and just jumping in current day seems almost a waste. There were a ton of great things that were hinted at and never expanded on. If it’s on your watch list I highly recommend watching it, it’s not a bad way to spend a few hours. If you’re like me and think there should be so much more, do me a favor and call the writers and directors and politely yell at them. Either way, it’s worth the time and I could definitely watch it again!
  2. Toxic 7

    2017 Of the Year Winners!

    With another year in the books, it’s that time! The 2017 Of the Year votes have been counted, tallied, and considered for each award. 2017 was a bit rough for all of us, but for those that preserver the efforts are recognized and the rewards, endless. Thus I present to you the winners in each category for 2017: Director of the Year: KSI Space Ops 7 Division Leader of the Year: KSI Huckleberry Co-Division Leader of the Year: KSI Zeuswrath 7 Founder of the Year: KSI Hardman 7 Co-Founder of the Year: KSI Chaoticz 7 General of the Year: KSI Medusa 7 Officer of the Year: KSI Hoedoor Forums Staff of the Year: KSI Chaoticz 7 Take a moment this week to congratulate these members of the KSI family and pick their brains a little of how to be a successful leader! Many were considered for each spot, though with the requirements set many who deserve a spot on the list were also ineligible. If you didn’t win or weren’t eligible this year, let us not forget that 2018 is upon us and with it, your chance to be recognized for the success you bring to KSI.
  3. Toxic 7

    KSI Events - January

    With the first month of 2018 finally here, there are a few things every KSI member should know. Among them, the list of events held by the KSI T&E Team! This month there are many events planned no matter what you play. Die hard Halo gamer? Call of Duty loyalist? Or perhaps you’re more of a Rainbow Six shooter? Either way this month has something for you. The highlight of the month is a Rainbow Six Seige Tournament on January 13th, but there are many other activities to get involved in. Click here to view a full schedule of events
  4. Toxic 7

    What is a Leader?

    What is a Leader? What do you think of when you hear the words Leadership or Leader? The first thing that comes to mind for a few of us is our Generals, Majors, Co-Founders, or Division leaders. Truth be told being a “Leader” isn’t defined by rank, even if some will argue anyone above you is your leader. If you feel compelled to earn the formal title of one that’s easy: Join a squad, change your name to include KSI, recruit quality members and train them. When you have a handle on that it's time to start stepping up; maybe host a workshop, recruit more members, be active and your effort will be recognized and rewarded by gaining a rank with a job description. Anyone can do it, but there is more to being a leader than just that. Whenever I think back on what leadership means to me, I always remember the days when life was simple and the way we identified leaders was by who was chosen to be one in a game of follow the leader. We didn’t have to talk things out, or if we were the leader, we didn’t have to worry about those who followed us. We merely had fun, lived in the moment, and did not have to think of how our efforts or actions impact those around us. When I take those precious memories and compare them to what I know today, I realized leaders walk a fine line between success and failure now. We can’t just live in the moment all the time, as a leader you have people relying on you; one mistake, and you could feel like you failed them. Balancing on that line all the time and being pushed always to succeed is a lot of pressure for those who put their team's needs above their own. I know all of this is based on personal opinion and perception but, how I identify a leader is someone who displays specific ethical characteristics. I want to see them strive to be in a good moral standing for themselves and their team. Be unbiased, never rash on their judgment calls. Try not to be too harsh or soft with their team but mainly be adaptive to your squad. No two situations will be the same, so we as leaders need to be able to fill in whenever necessary to achieve success as a whole. Now take a moment to reflect. What makes for good leadership? How can you identify someone as a leader? Are they born, raised or trained into being a proper leader? Who out there is a real leader to you?
  5. Toxic 7

    Recruiting at a New Level

    With a new year comes new possibilities and new opportunities, among them, a new department. KSI will begin the new year by instituting a new department in the hopes of increasing the size of the community. With the numbers being a bit unstable in recent months, many are excited about the new change. Since KSI is continuously trying to futurize itself; this is a major step towards doing so. The department will be lead by KSI Mrs Euphii. With experience in running a department similar to this, she seems very well suited for this position. Though she won’t be alone, as always, it’s on all of us dedicated to the very heart of KSI to ensure that we do our part to see this new department succeed and allow KSI to redevelop into the powerhouse community it once was. The department will be using all forms of social media from Twitter to YouTube to help streamline and attract new members to join the community. There is a great deal of pressure on the new department, as is the nature of the beast due to it being a fresh concept. With the weight of the responsibility, we certainly hope that we can all aid in the success of KSI. So, if you’ve got an ear to the ground and an eye to the sky, don’t be afraid to apply to join the Recruitment Department. At the same time, tell your friends, wives, kids, or whomever; If they want to join the family, there is always an open seat.
  6. Toxic 7

    A Christmas-Eve Story

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas and the Adams family was preparing for the celebration. Joey was writing his 3rd wish list, adding something more with each addition, his new desire was the Xbox One X. Sarah was helping her mother bake cookies in the kitchen, cutting them out in the shapes of snowmen, stars, and Christmas trees. Dad was outside shoveling the driveway, turning on the Christmas lights and waiting to sneak the rest of the gifts in the house. With the driveway clean, the cookies in the oven, and the wish list under the tree, the Adams gathered in the living room to watch A Christmas Story and enjoying family time together.The wind was blowing outside, snow falling, and the moon rising in the sky as there was a knock on the door. Dad arose from his seat, slowly wandered to the door and opened it to be met by nothing more than the brisk winter air chilling him to the bone. Once finished with the movie and tucking in the children, Mom and Dad set out the Christmas cookies, locked the doors and slipped their gifts to Sarah and Joey under the tree. With that,they headed to bed and were asleep before the cookies had cooled, but Joey’s night wasn’t finished. After opening one eye to make sure his room was empty, he crept to the door and slid it open slowly. He peeked into the hall and with his parents sound asleep he snuck downstairs and made it to the cookie tray without a peep. His eyes widened as he stared down at them, mouth-watering slightly, he took hold of one and shoved it in his mouth. His bite was cut short as he heard another knock on the door. He started to walk towards the door, unconcerned as he savored the cookie he was still chewing on. With a gust of wind and a loud swoosh the door swung open, and Joey’s eyes widened evenfurther. There, standing just outside the doorway was a man with a large white beard and an even greater belly, all wrapped up in a red outfit. Joey’s mouth twisted up, butas his eyes made their way to the man’s hand, he couldn’t help but smile. In the stranger's hand was a green and black box, inside a new Xbox. Slowly, as if with great effort, the man held the gift out to Joey. Joey walked forward, each step silent, to not wake his parents. Before Joey made it close enough to touch the new Xbox the man clapped his hands together and from between them crumbled nothing but lumps of broken coal. Before Joey could even begin to tear up two small elves rushed past Santa and grabbed Joey by each arm. They put a green hat on him and drug him out the front door. With a whisp, the door slid shut, and Santa began his walk back to his sled. Chuckling, he climbed into his seat and yelled out for all the children to hear, “I will have my cookies, or I will have a new Elf!” -Courtesy of Toxic 7 -Edited by KSI MutedDoll
  7. Toxic 7

    The Review - Game of Thrones

    Today marks a new era in KSI News; we will be expanding our horizons in many different ways in the weeks to come. To kick this off, we will be starting a series revolving around TV shows, movies, books, and game reviews. Now, let’s talk about a book turned TV series that became a hit beyond what anyone could imagine; I’m talking about Game of Thrones of course. The book series A Song of Ice and Fire was on my favorites list before I had ever watched a single episode of the show. Book one, A Game of Thrones, with a large number of pages, started out a bit slow for me as I wasn’t hooked until about the middle of the book; however after I made it that far I couldn’t put it down. Book two, A Clash of Kings, continued the story right where the first left off and I had finished it within a week. The remaining books, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance with Dragons, took less than six weeks to finish. Now being that I was in love with the books, I was scared to ruin it by watching the show. As we all well know, the adaptations never quite live up to the hype. However! By the end of the first episode, I was in awe. I binge watched every season from 1-6 within a month and was shocked. The show was just as story-telling, action-packed, exciting and all around attractive as the books. Somewhere in the 6th-7th seasons the show surpassed the published books. However, the producers are working with the author to complete the series as he intends to finish the books. The 7th season was especially exciting as I hadn’t read most of what happens yet. If I had to nitpick, the only downfalls of the show currently are that the final season won’t air until sometime in 2019 and the worst part yet, that it must end at all. In summary, if you enjoy action, fantasy, dragons, sexy scenes, and a story that can attract anyone, this is definitely worth watching and reading. Note that the books and show both contain a lot of adult content, so it may not be the show to watch with the kids. If I had to give a rating, altogether this series would get 4.5 stars.
  8. Toxic 7

    To shave it or save it

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