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  1. I adore people when they give me responses in regards to my trolling. Especially my baby boo, Anatomy. And the newest one is Wicced :D

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    2. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      So I have moved up in the world ;)

    3. LoudCloud


      ***** you're just making me famous, and if you think you have been trolling then you need a lesson from the pros! ahahhahahaah

    4. Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Not Here Anymore Go Away

      You do realize that I'm not making you famous lol. Famous people are typically liked by many people. You on the other hand are not. I mean most people here in KSI have mixed or negative feelings toward you at the current moment in time.


      As for me needing a lesson from the pros in regards to trolling, I can assure you that I won't be needing any lessons. Because in all honesty, trolling is a style or technique you create yourself. I think it is you who needs a lesson my youn...