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  1. Don't know who i am? Then you missed the good ol' days.

  2. So im back in KSI, already a major, and i swear to the goddess, if i hear one more person ask me "when am i goingto be a LT.?" i am going to shove a mic so far up their (blank) that they (blank) plastic for the next fifty lifetimes!

  3. Oh, you ain't seen nothing yet....

  4. Venimus, vidimus, vicimus

  5. Go yiff in hell you say? Why dont you join me in that case, you'd fit right on in my friend.

  6. I am protesting the lack pf a KSI Taco Tuesday! FFS people! It must be done!

  7. I am protesting the lack pf a KSI Taco Tuesday! FFS people! It must be done!

  8. cGIQwlEx1k charlie GOLF INDIA QUEBEC whisky lima ECHO x-ray one kilo

  9. Fear is but an illusion, an image created by our minds to restrict our potential. Rise my Brothers and Sisters, and brush aside that image and achieve that which only you can!

  10. From history to gaming to cooking to gossip... and finally all four... I just cant stick with one thing can i?

  11. On the topic of History: What once was lost, shall be revealed. Bridges Rebuilt and Ancient Ties mended.Chaos will come, but Order shall triumph in the end. Perhaps it is time that we learn to forgive, what do you think?

  12. History has a funny way of falling into darkness, so that none but the most astute of seekers may reveal the wealth of knowledge that history has to offer.

  13. So, Apparently 3+ weeks away from a game kills what little skill i had... nice...