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  1. this SSJS lesson is hard..someone should help me,,

  2. the guy who teaches me programming just canceled for like 2 weeks, .....****

    1. KSI Ace 7

      KSI Ace 7

      You need a teacher?

  3. i like how as aproahing my 3 year mark, I've only been acknowledged for a few things that I've done fro KSI, everything else other people took credit for.

  4. that point when you're empty inside and people start to realize you're just acting normal

  5. upstate NY weather is BS Summer=90°+ Winter= -20°-

  6. Can i just say,PS3 yaaassss ,360 nuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. im looking for some pretty cheap games for ps3. Any ideas?

  8. Oh,thought that would be bigger news