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  1. RT @BVBBuzz: #DankeRoman https://t.co/3p83BCEUb9

  2. @jackfrags @DukeChaddington damn

  3. RT @BlackYellow: Come support us in the @IntChampionsCup! July 20, 22 & 25 in Chicago, Charlotte & Pittsburgh. Pre-Sale Code: BVB18 on Ti…

  4. @BVBBuzz https://t.co/TzAQEYtf57

  5. @FootyHumour @DukeChaddington lmao

  6. RT @BarstoolUofM: John Beilein > Tom Izzo https://t.co/oWsuyh4U5e

  7. @HoldThisBeer @DukeChaddington

  8. @FOXSoccer @DukeChaddington @EWWilhelm @dbazan15 https://t.co/ctCPr4gSjO

  9. @BarstoolUofM @UMichFootball @FortniteGame @DukeChaddington LOL

  10. RT @Sports_Greats: Body of an athlete, knees and ankles of a 90 year old.

  11. RT @espn: On this date 25 years ago, Jim Valvano imparted wisdom that has stood the test of time. Consider donating to @TheVFoundation in…

  12. @dbazan15 @mzzystar @DukeChaddington @EWWilhelm Did he tho, Check my username again

  13. RT @Inspire_Us: Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, around me is boundless opportunity. - Author Unknown

  14. @DukeChaddington @EWWilhelm @dbazan15 https://t.co/33gbiMTks6

  15. RT @mbatshuayi: Wow mein deutsch ist very good already

  16. @BleacherReport Who cares

  17. @TheMengisKhan @DortmundAmerica @DukeChaddington lmao drops the f-bomb. Classic Klopp

  18. @DukeChaddington @dbazan15 @Footy_Jokes @EWWilhelm https://t.co/XEK9cUd5es

  19. @hupreme @DukeChaddington lol

  20. @brfootball They’re talking to you @BVB , get buyin

  21. @goal @DukeChaddington @dbazan15 @EWWilhelm damn