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  1. does the community simply not abide by the requirements of the rank structure anymore? or am i missing something here....?

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    2. Tech


      Today's members have a different mindset overall and the ranking structure should be modified in a way to fit those mindsets and people in a positive way. Tho you will see, like your original status, that there are lots of folks who do things on their own with out acknowledgement of the structure/coc and how things should be carried out. :(

    3. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      yeah tech lets just cry and hug it out , its a sad time :(


    4. Tech


      When in doubt hug it out. <3

  2. Just saying if i choose to walk away from something, doesn't mean I was butt hurt, i just won't waste my time on it

  3. ever just wonder what happened to those that just disappeared off the face of the earth from the community? Tbh it bugs me from time to time, because you used to be so close with some of them; that it eats at you knowing they left without a single trace/word

    1. PFC Link

      PFC Link

      To be honest, I have to agree.

  4. So decided to join the jaded's ninjas :3

    1. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      KSI CuddlyNinja new GT

  5. Ugh I'm bored, nobody to play with

  6. Changed my name back to cuddly, and the first thing Jaded does is call me a woman

  7. Changed my name back to cuddly, and the first thing Jaded does is call me a woman

  8. "Say I Love You" is my new favorite anime to watch <3

  9. i get on this site every day , yet i dunno why, guess i love ya too much

  10. Haven't been on in quite a bit , but it's good to be back, at least on the site that is for now

  11. So bored out of my mind ,I need something to do!!!!!! need suggestions!!!!!!!!!!

  12. As time ticks by ,all i do is fade away til i'm nothing but ashes

  13. I might possibly be coming back soon hopefully

  14. Hey guys/gals I'll be going underground for a few months at least due to other communities constantly trying to damage me n those around me , so I'll be deleting everyone from KSI on my friends list and changing my name. Hopefully these guys will leave me alone after a couple of weeks so I can hang

    1. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      But I'll still be on the site every day to talk to ya , so I can keep talking with my buds

  15. KSIxCuddlyxVII

    Just something

    Just some pics/posts that caught my eye ,and whatever else i put in here