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  1. Miss you friend, hope to talk to you again soon.

    ~Phantom LE

  2. Returning to the forums years after leaving is a very interesting experience. Do we truly know what each side has done between the times unknown to each other.... Only time can tell.

  3. Let chaos proceed disorder. 

  4. Sometimes I wonder what happened... 

  5. A Phantom is always observant, always here. Pondering things others question and disregard. Always here to those who seek help. 


  6. Long live the Phantom.

  7. Long live the Phantom.

  8. RT @PaneraBProbs: When you realize you're the extra person working and you don't really have a designated module https://t.co/TRBzgz4ykA

  9. Overheard: Lizzie: You always see the worst in people. Ciel: Yeah, because people are the worst. https://t.co/blwchNFUVs

  10. RT @lilbdabrookegod: When they make your managers day bake (im cackling and my manager is crying) #paneraprobs https://t.co/tuaG68QVEE

  11. Resigning from KSI Global, any questions, please don't hesitate to message me on kik at nicholasbrandow

  12. I wonder where all the Rp'ers from the last time I was here went, oh well. I am going to lye here and wait #OpenRP

  13. If we get back sooner I will tell you