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  1. Damn Greenbay Packers lost! But its only the 1st game so yeah. 15 More Games To Go Packers!

  2. Tonights starts the NFL with the Greenbay Packers vrs the Seattle Seahawks. GO PACK GO!!

  3. You are looking at the Newest DIRECTOR of KSI

  4. TH (Twisted Haven) just hit 430ppl.... Div Split Time = Me Getting Director

  5. I love Trolling Asswholes on Skype. KSI Twisted Haven #1

  6. Finally just Split the 1st BF4 Squad in KSI and the 1st Xbox One Squad In KSI!!!

  7. What a Sunday. TH hit 106 and I gotta split a Squad. But History was made. TH was the 1st X1 Division to Hit triple digits and TH is the only squad so fare to Split a BF4 squad. :)

  8. TH just made History. 1st Xbox One division to hit 100 ppl

  9. 1 more person then TH hits 100!! I'm so proud of my GUYS!!

  10. 1 more person then TH hits 100!! I'm so proud of my GUYS!!

  11. I'm so proud my my Division. We are making KSI History to be the 1st xbox one Division to hit triple digits in a month. 11 away from 100 members. TH = The Best of the Best. :)

    1. KSI Kona

      KSI Kona

      90 ppl in TH. 10 till 100

  12. KSI Kona


  13. The Division Twisted Haven Is Back Open On The Xbox One!

    1. KSI xDr Evilx 7
    2. KSI Kona

      KSI Kona

      Thanks for the Faith :)