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    It all started sometime late in 2009/10 during Halo 3, I was recruited into KSI Rome LE by KSI ICARUS 7 and I guickly rose up the ranks making General in a short matter of months. After so much recruiting and a lot of effort I became Co-founder of LE then Founder and then Div Leader, at the height of my Career I had 5 Squads Rome, Sparta, Mayan, Inca, and Atlantis, mostly halo and black ops Squads. Do to family and life I took a break from it all.
    In 2014 I came back briefly under the influence of KSI Festus 7 who was a senior director at that time an wanted me to help rebuild XK. I came in as a general over KSI Ghost XK we were a CoD Ghost squad that didn't last very long due
    The CoC falling apart, so again I left..
    Late September 2015 I again returned because of a pm I had gotten from KSI Devon asking if I was still in the community this made me think so I went out bought an xbox one a returned to KSI once again this time as a 1st Capt in Remnants KB, Major in Empire RD, General of HAVOC RD, Education Dept, SGT in Fusion SR, now I just game for fun
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