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  1. RT @bigbossgamingco: Check out the community forums. @ https://t.co/ejVlfw6NZi

  2. RT @gamespot: The very first Grand Theft Auto launched 19 years ago! Did you play the original? #GTA https://t.co/3L03EJMcUR

  3. Going home early feel like **** and having a hard time breathing

  4. at the movies seeing when the game stands tall.

  5. just got outta work.

  6. RT @YoungAntMania: If u love a person TELLEM the / show them or they will never know

  7. change of plans eating some McDonalds and watching shark week

  8. yea just got called to work no days off working for a tree service.

  9. sleeping all day and watching shark week!

  10. bucket and chipper all cleaned up ready to go!!

  11. so scared of heights and i work in the best business for heights