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  1. Does anyone remember me?

  2. Finals got me like -.-

  3. KSI hit 2000 members! Awesomeness.

  4. Revamp split! Congratz to my man Duffman for General over Revamp!

  5. Squad split today. It's hard for me to leave Revamp. Freedom, here I come!

  6. Great game night with Revamp RD!

  7. Virtual Reality just split from Reality Dynasty! Congrats to all promoted! It was a while process, but went well!

  8. New division in the makes! Virtual Reality.

  9. All members of KSI: PGO Dark Shadow just laid out a massive attack on clueless members inviting people to parties with J2H. If you get any message or invite from a PGO tag or J2H tag. Block all communications and don't interact in any way.

    1. Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Members of KSI should already be aware that certain communities, such as J2H are already DL'd and therefore are restricted from having any form of communication with them.

  10. KSI REVAMP RD Tag is 5 members less full. If you are recruiting, go to me first.

  11. Game night for REVAMP RD members 6pm EST on Friday.