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  1. going to Dave and busters for my 22nd, first full weekend of their grand opening too :D

  2. wish For Honor release date would hurry up!

  3. damn it...2nd year in a row, KSI status in january for me caused disruption.

  4. wish we had a security team again, sick of free-roaming booters.

  5. One eff up after another, I sometimes hate the learning process of KSI leadership

  6. need ppl to step the activity and recruiting game up..

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    2. Mizz Airy

      Mizz Airy

      Easy solution - get an Xbox One and join the fun there lol

    3. KSI Rezurrect 7

      KSI Rezurrect 7

      i will be within two months but idk when exactly, its because most of MY friends are on 360 and my siblings doesnt have any on 360 so i sorta have no choice


    4. Mizz Airy

      Mizz Airy

      You can make new friends on the One while you're waiting for your other friends to get it.

  7. losing my **** with some ppl, serious lack of integrity..

  8. It's a struggle here til I move to Next gen consoles