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  1. Another day, another dollhair.

  2. Almost done with School <3

  3. Happy mothers day!

  4. You should start an Anime club on here :)

  5. Who wants a tag?

  6. In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.

  7. Its official: KSI GAME 7 doesn't know what a Winnipeg is...

  8. Tonight we had a very productive Squad Meet here in Prophecy. I'm very impressed with the team we've assembled, and I'm excited to look to the future of KSI on the Xbox One. Over here at XB1 Tournaments and Events, we've got some big stuff planned for the Holiday Season, so stay tuned for more info on what Events we will be offering, and how to sign up for them. More information to come soon.

  9. Hybrid Theory is the best Album in existence.

  10. I miss Robluntski...

  11. Play, learn, recruit, have fun, and meet new people! Communities exist to facillitate these simple interactions! Make your Squad/Division the KSI YOU want it to be.