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  1. I have Left the Community, however, I still with to be be active on the website. Im happy to help when needed.

  2. To all KSI: I do have the Blacklist saved to my computer. Im willing to send it to anyone who asks.

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    2. Crusader 7

      Crusader 7

      newly dnhed? sicne when am i dnhed hahaha

    3. Crusader 7
    4. KSI Cthulhu

      KSI Cthulhu

      Totally got my websites mixed up. I was thinking the CMS one. Sorry!!

  3. Bravta is starting to look great. 3 new members today, and its only 2 in the afternoon!!

  4. New Gamertag: KSI Cthulhu

  5. I know most of you wont care because of how new I am, but I am leaving KSI.

    1. Phantom LE
    2. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      Well hey, if you ever change your mind we are always here ;)

    3. Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Here's my question, why are you leaving KSI to begin with... And if this is a game to get attention. You ought to look elsewhere.