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  1. KSI Biddulph 7

    Hurricane Harvey: The Road to Recovery

    Hurricane Harvey: The Road to Recovery Houston is a region known for their resilience, and rightfully so. When the town was founded in the 1830’s, the residents quickly discovered that flooding was a major issue in the area, with floods occurring multiple times a year. Although that may be the case, Hurricane Harvey is a larger, more prominent issue then past floods. Since August 25th, when Harvey began its reign of terror over the Texas/Louisiana area, more then an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water has been released upon the regions, causing mass amounts of flooding in the Houston and Beaumont region of Texas. Due to the extreme nature of this flood, a great deal of residents have been forced to evacuate from their homes, but many desire to stay with their home and possessions, and outlast this freak of nature. If you happen to be one of the people, beware because this storm can cause catastrophic damage. Since the remnants of Hurricane Harvey is still very present at this moment and time, the toll on life and property is still unknown. Sadly 40 people have been pronounced dead from Hurricane Harvey’s vicious assault on Texas. Many individuals wished to reside in their homes during the event due to their unwillingness to give up. Flooded residential area in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. ABC News With that in mind, many people are now either trapped or stranded from the flood. Relief efforts are currently underway to attempt to rescue any survivors trapped from the flood, but it could take days for all trapped residents to be rescued, due to the sheer size of this catastrophe. Last Friday, President Donald Trump called for a “National Day of Prayer,” that would take place on Sunday, to honor the victims of Hurricane Harvey. During this, the White House is expected to ask Congress for $14.5 billion, which would go directly to the relief efforts in Texas. $14.5 billion would definitely contribute to the relief efforts, but many speculate the total cost of damages to be well over $190 billion, with an estimated $97 billion being just for damages. If all estimates are correct, Hurricane Harvey would be the most expensive storm in U.S. history. Hurricane Harvey didn’t just bring rain; on Friday evening, a fire engulfed a section of a chemical plant North-East of Houston, causing a mass amount of black smoke to fill the surrounding area. The day before the fire broke out, a chemical storage trailer exploded at the same chemical plant, due to the Hurricane knocking out the refrigeration system needed to keep the stored chemicals at a stable temperature. The chemicals are expected to irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs, but the company that owned the plant never stated how much of a true long-term impact the chemicals could have on the health of nearby residents. Alongside the worry of another potential chemical spill/chemical fire, many scientists have expressed concern about the flood water. A CNN senior medical correspondent stated, "The potential for contamination is everywhere.” He continued to state that he was worried about the health effects among people who had spent time in the water, especially those who might have gotten cut while walking through the murky depths. "People with underlying illnesses, pregnant women, the elderly and young children would also be more susceptible to illnesses resulting from contact with contaminated water.” – Scutti, S. (CNN, 2017, September 01) Time and time again Houston has witnessed and been victim to flooding, and even though Hurricane Harvey put a dent into the spirits of the Houstonian population; just like every time before, they will recover and prosper off Hurricane Harvey. KSI is a community that desires to contribute to those in need. We will never demand or request that KSImembers should donate towards an issue or event, such as Hurricane Harvey, but we wish for all members who are eligible to donate to Hurricane Harvey to do so https://fundraise.convoyofhope.org/team/132206at: Alongside the donation, those who choose to donate receive a special forums awards dedicated to those who contributed towards the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey. Do not do this for the award, or to satisfy KSI leadership. Do this for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  2. I enjoy reading your articles! Keep it going! 

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      KSI Biddulph 7

      Thank you! I really appreciate that comment. I definitely will continue to write!

  3. KSI Biddulph 7

    Call of Duty: The Revival or the Destruction?

    Call of Duty WWII: the Revival or the Destruction? By: KSI Biddulph 7 Throughout the last decade, many gamers agree on one thing in particular; Call of Duty is going down hill and at a rapid pace. Will returning to the roots of Call of Duty be the solution for the gaming franchise needs? Many veteran Call of Duty gamers are rejoicing and for good reason. Call of Duty WWII may be the solution to reviving the long-standing Call of Duty franchise and bringing the franchise back to its former glory. The most recent installments in the Call of Duty franchise always gave gamers a new gaming experience, but the games themselves never innovated upon themselves. Gamers always received the same thing in each title; a decent Campaign, wall running and double jumping in multiplayer, typical zombies, and a pay to play attitude. Now, ever since the announcement at E3, the series is set to see many new significant changes, overhauls, and innovations. Campaign The campaign in Call of Duty WWII is obviously set in World War II, the second great war that the world saw. The main character in this action packed story is Private Red Daniels, a teenager that is thrown into the US 1st Infantry Division and made to live the horrific events that occurred in Europe during WWII. Based off the trailer released at E3, the story seems to start at Operation Overlord (also known as D-Day), a major and significant battle that occurred on June 6, 1944, that saw allied forces land on beaches along a heavily fortified Normandy coastline. Even though the Call of Duty games are not known for their campaigns, gamers might notice a difference in this particular campaign due to the nature of WWII. Since the campaign's trailer was released, many gamers have noticed that it seems like the campaign is based on companionship and brotherhood. Expect to see heartfelt, tear jerking, and shivers down your spine moments in this story. Also, Activision has promised that Call of Duty WWII’s campaign will revisit “"iconic World War II battles" throughout its story, from the anarchic events of D-Day at Normandy to the long and brutal battles at Hürtgen Forest.” Multiplayer Multiplayer is one of the most important features in a Call of Duty game due to the mass number of gamers who play it. Over the last few titles released, many gamers have been in disagreement with the direction that multiplayer has been going in. Therefore, Activision has decided to do a complete turnaround, and make many new implementations on the core foundation of Call of Duty’s multiplayer. One of the newest innovations is being called “War Mode,” which “brings a gripping new layer of excitement to Axis vs Allies team play." Essentially, it adds context to conflicts. Another change in Call of Duty WWII is the change in the “create a class” system, which is now titled the new “Division system.” It changes the way load-outs work, with the removal of “finely tweaking your own personal loadout” and adds pre-made divisions (classes). There are an expected five divisions to be available during launch, and every division bringing their own personal play style to the field. The 5 divisions are: Infantry is a traditional front-lines soldier, packing a semi-automatic rifle and self-loading pistol. Expeditionary is an aggressive scout class, best suited for when situations get up close and personal. Airborne soldiers gain access to a submachine gun with an optional suppressor, allowing for a more strategic and tactical angle to gameplay. Armored is a tank class, with heavy weapons, heavy armor, and unrivaled power. Mountain is the long-range class of Call of Duty. Alongside the new gameplay options, Call of Duty WWII will also have a new “social space,” providing a central hub for multiplayer. It allows players to customize, interact with other gamers, and other soon to be announced features. It is similar to the way Destiny’s multiplayer is configured. Zombies Call of Duty WWII will also feature the return of Nazi Zombies, one of the most beloved game modes in Call of Duty. Not much has been released on the game mode, but from the reveal trailer itself, it looks more terrifying than previous installments. Call of Duty WWII is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 3rd, 2017. You can pre-order both physical and digital copies of the game currently, with three different pre-order options. The Standard Edition, Pro Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition. Those who pre-order Call of Duty WWII will also be able to participate in the private beta on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Links to Call of Duty WWII videos: Call of Duty WWII - Worldwide Campaign Reveal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzBhfY6tdWo Call of Duty: WW2 MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY (Credit to Ali-A) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udEGHowT16Q Official Call of Duty®: WWII Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSYUQDRTQ6s
  4. KSI Biddulph 7

    Xbox’s New Controller Lineup

    Xbox’s New Controller Lineup Starting August 3rd, the need to purchase a 3rd party Xbox One controller will disappear into the far reaches of gaming purgatory, thanks to the recent release of the new Xbox One controller lineup. Over the last few weeks, the company has displayed three new controllers, with all three being compatible with the Xbox One family, and all three being respectfully different. The most basic looking controller is colored in a light two tone gray design, with green accents at the base of the two joysticks, and will cost $64.99 USD. The second one is labeled as the “Volcano Shadow,” which is a special edition to the “Shadow Series,” another series of controllers. The controller features a black matte top and a red metallic finish lining the bottom of the controller’s face. This controller will cost $69.99, relatively the same as the first controller. Both of the controllers will be made available on 9/5/2017. Alongside the two new controllers, a third, more advanced controller also has been announced and expected to be available on 9/26/2017. The new Xbox Patrol Tech Special Edition controller will be the newest addition to the Tech controller series. Xbox has been quoted to have said the controller is, “inspired by military technology and performance patterns found in airborne navy patrol units." The Patrol Tech Special edition will be released with a “laser-etched texture and rubberized back grip.” Similar to most Xbox One controllers, it’ll have a 3.5mm headphone jack for headphones, but will feature improved wireless and Bluetooth range, and full button remapping which can be done through the Xbox Accessories app, which is available on Xbox One. Surprisingly, the controller only will cost $69.99 USD. Microsoft also added it will be selling the controller bundled with a cable for windows for the same price which will be available on October 17th. Essentially, the controller will be the cheaper version of its predecessor, the Xbox One Elite controller, which will set gamers back around $149.99 USD. The links provided below will allow you to view the official pages of the new Xbox One controller lineup: Volcano Shadow: http://www.xbox.com/EN-US/xbox-one/accessories/controllers/volcano-shadow Grey/Green: http://www.xbox.com/EN-US/xbox-one/accessories/controllers/grey-green Patrol Tech: http://www.xbox.com/EN-US/xbox-one/accessories/controllers/patrol-tech-special-edition