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About Me

My KSI History


Original Recruitment 2015 (By KSI Dankster)

Made it up to GEN of Journey LS

Re-Recruited in 2017 (By KSI Nizzy 7)

Made it up to Co-Founder over PS4 Side in LE

Re-Recruited in May of 2018 (By KSI Viktory 7)

Made it up to GEN of Leviticus FG

Re-Joined in December of 2018 (By KSI Chaoticz 7)

Made it up to a SGT in Judgement FA

Re-Joined in March of 2019 (By KSI Heroiism 7)

Currently a 3rd CPT in Valkyrie FA



Rank History

1x Co Founder (LE)

3x General (Journey, Sentinel, Leviticus)

6x Officer (Journey, Sentinel, Leviticus, Valkyrie)


Clan Ops Achievements

1x Global Member of the Month

1x General of the Month (Sentinel LE)

2x Top Recruiter of the Month (LE)

2x Member of Week (Valkyrie FA)


Web Ops Achievements

KSI Courts Back Up Judge (2017)

KSI Courts Judge (2018)

KSI Internal Affairs Member (2018)

Tournaments and Events (Former LE Division Rep & Current FA Events Team Member)

News Team (Editor & Writer)

Human Resources (Former Staff Member)



KSI Elderpoot 7

KSI Heroiism 7

KSI Blackwolf

KSI Whitewolf