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  1. KSI SugarMama 7

    Xbox One X

    Xbox One X By: KSI SugarMama 7 News Team Manager On June 11, 2017 a new Xbox was announced to be released on November 7. It has been said that the Xbox One X will be one of the worlds most powerful consoles. The Xbox One X will be 40% more powerful with true 4K gaming. Simply making the console have much better game play. This 8-core custom AMD CPU was clocked at 2.3GHz which will bring more enhanced real world detail and smoother interactions during gaming. It has also been said the Xbox One X has more memory which means the worlds will be much bigger. A 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory was added for better performance, bigger worlds, and quicker loading times. A 6 teraflop GPU was also added to make the console more realistic with more detail and smoother animations. Consoles with 326GB/sec memory bandwidth have faster and more detailed gaming graphics and keep your gaming momentum flowing. However you view it, the Xbox One X is more distinctive and sleek. All the Xbox games will be completely compatible on this console, even Xbox 360 games. It also has the worlds best multiplayer network. The Xbox One X will be starting at $499.00, and it will be released November 7, 2017.
  2. Charity Stream Shout Outs and Special Thanks from N3XUS by KSI N3XUS 7 Twitch Team Lead If any of you reading this article have ever planned a massive party or a big event you know the struggles and the stress entailed with getting all of your metaphorical ducks in a row, especially when there are so many ducks to manage. This event was the first that I had personally planned and managed and even though we hit 22% of $2500 goal we had a lot of fun and activity in stream, but it wasn’t all just me behind the scenes and this is what this article is for. There were a lot of inside influences and some outside influences that helped us reach our goals that I want to take some time to recognize here today. Our outside helpers come in the form of some awesome streamers from Twitch that have built their own follower communities for quite a while. The first one is a Partnered Streamer that I have personally followed for almost 3 years, who makes her living off of her stream, and keeps up with her Subs and Followers to an awesome point (just don't ask for push-ups). I am going at our channel like I’m starting a new one, and every bit of help no matter how small goes a long way. So Echoics, on behalf of KSI and the Twitch Team, I want to thank you for taking time to help us with our stream by hosting us during our charity stream. Check out Echo here: https://www.twitch.tv/echoics There is also one other streamer that deserves an honorable mention. FransKiss helped get the word out about the event across her follower base on social media and we would also like to thank you for this. Check out Fran here: https://www.twitch.tv/franskiss Help like this isn’t to be taken likely or for granted. These two were using the channels they build daily to help ours out. Now internally we had a massive influence from within this community. With all the effort DoubleOh and I put into this event, with marketing and spreading the word.. One leader really rose to the occasion calling to his division to flood the chat. For this I personally would like to give a huge shout out to KSI Huckleberry 7 and all those from his division that came to hang out. Lastly I want to give a shout out to all of the streamers that planned out their weekends to do their part and stream. You all did an awesome job and were super flexible. From here, there is only good things to come from the Twitch team, so let's keep the hype up.
  3. KSI SugarMama 7

    Charity event

    Letter from Nex Addo on Charity Event Thank you everyone who planned, participated, and donated to this amazing charity. I am always so thankful when KSI comes together to make a difference in the community big or small that is why even though we did not hit our goal we still made 22% of it for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This topic is not an easy one for any one person to talk about and that is the reason I am saying thank you to everyone who shared their story or wrote about something involving this topic. Thank you to the donors who took time out of their day and shared what they could for this amazing organization. Of course thank you to those who planned the event as well as the streamers for their outstanding effort in bringing attention to this event because without you we wouldn’t have known or pushed further. Thank you to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for their amazing work and talent for pushing education, research, advocating for public policy, and much more. Nex Addo (Vincent B ) Director of Web Operations, KSI Global
  4. Beauty catches the attention.... But character catches the heart <3

  5. Beauty catches the attention.... But character catches the heart <3

  6. Inferno HF squad of the week!!! 3 weeks in a row!!! Oohhhhhh yeaaaaaa

  7. I'm general now for inferno HF!!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!

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    2. KSI SugarMama 7

      KSI SugarMama 7

      Thanks sorry just noticed that message lol

    3. KSI SugarMama 7

      KSI SugarMama 7

      Thanks sorry just noticed that message lol

  8. I'm general now for inferno HF!!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!

  9. 3rd Capt for KSI inferno HF and loving it!!! I've been meeting a lot more members in KSI and I'm excited to meet more!!!

  10. 3rd Capt for KSI inferno HF and loving it!!! I've been meeting a lot more members in KSI and I'm excited to meet more!!!