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  1. I have really bad luck :(

    1. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      Really bad connection

  2. KSI Governor Jr anyone

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shock 7

      Shock 7

      Alright that's fine, how hard can it be to take on any Governors with that crazy laggy conection!

    3. Spirefly


      Spire gets honorary Governor because people were mean to her. :D


    4. Shock 7

      Shock 7

      Gov gets honorary demotion for being a gov

  3. I apologize for my weird disappearance I'll be back guys :)

  4. So many ideas to help but just need to organize them.......

    1. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      if you need any assistance HMU :)!

  5. WE DID IT <3 <2 Got the section ;)

  6. Just finished my finals my head is exhausted