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  1. I love you, HB! Will you marry me and have my babies?

  2. Kinda pointless to be around when kids don't listen because they think they know everything and people replace you in the jobs regardless if they were being done or not.

  3. When are you going to come out of that whole your in... haven't seen you on a min.

  4. Next year when i turn 21 we need to go clubbin at city walk

  5. Happy Birthday, Dean! :) Sorry, I missed you yesterday.

  6. happy birthday HB

  7. Hey HB dude, whats up how you doing, could you set my status to director, cuz its at member right now. thanks alot man.

  8. What would you think if I asked to re-open Team Xiled and could start over and re-build it? I would like to do that if you would consider my idea.

  9. hey could you message me when you get this. I wanted to talk to you about I program that I had an idea about. Thanks

  10. Thanks for moving the Workshop topic instead of deleting it.... It would've sucked to have to re-type that =D