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  1. KSI Haven

    Why take the FTLA?

    I am in the same FTLA Class with CloudJumper and i will have to say that he worded it very well! ZEUSWRATH has and still are teaching us a lot on how to become a better Mentor or better Leader. I can most definitely say that everything ZEUSWRATH talks about is not to hurt you or your feelings but they are to help you in each of everyway possible, ZEUSWRATH just doesn’t talk to hear himself talk but he talks to us because he sees that all of us can be a Leader(No matter your rank) in KSI one day and he gives us his on what i like to call Words Of Wisdom. I will be attending each and every FTLA Classes that I possibly can and yes that means FTLA 101 and FTLA 202.
  2. KSI Haven

    Top Recruiters OTM August 2017

    Congratulations Guys on Recruiter Of The Month!
  3. KSI Haven

    People Come and Go...

    This is honestly true, When i ran a Community Clan for 7 Years, I had a Best Friend who had left my clan to go and make his own well with that being the fact of happening to me not even but a Few Months later he passed away.......Me and him where friends before i started my community clan and then even after he left he was still my Best Friend......After he left my Community Clan i use to run, It hurt really bad because me and him grew a bond together....He helped me start my Community Clan as one of my Senior Directors but he left due to Family Issues so this is Very True when someone leaves that you are very close too it does hurt very badly but don't let that stop you at all. PEOPLE COME AND GO but KSI WILL NEVER DIE!