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    Old Folks Attention!

    I don't believe you really need "my" answer outside of what you've already gotten from former leaders, and well respected ones at that. I might be of an Older Generation of member to start with, but the majority of my leadership and track record has come from the current KSI era. I've had the chance to learn from a variety of leaders, and have seen the community evolve and change over the years. Both here and in .org. The one I can say with certainty is that the community has changed to fit the member base as best it can. For better or for worse, the mentality of the average member is more laid back, and the pursuit of leadership is less than it was. There is absolutely pride for the past iterations, and what was accomplished here. None of that will ever be discounted, however that time is long past. For any that wish to come back and try again that door is always open. It's not a matter of necessity but instead one where we'll try to do things a lot differently and make a larger change to the culture that is this Community and where we want to go with it.